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ITU Course Guide

Boiler CE 2014-16 Power Boilers

This course discusses the ASME Section VII Power Boilers with additional focus on the chemical treatment of water for boilers. The course discusses why and how water is used for producing energy, the potential problems that could occur if the water is not properly treated, and the best methods of treating the water.

Boiler CE: Steam Generation

This course discusses steam fundamentals. Chapter One discusses methods of measurement; pressure measurement, temperature measurement, remote-indicating bulb thermometers, thermoelectric pyrometers, flow measurement and level measurement. Chapter Two discusses the basic components of a control system; controller, transmitter, and actuator. Chapter Three discusses feed-water control systems; thermo-hydraulic regulator, thermo-expansion regulator, and single element feedwater control. Chapter Four discusses steam; types of steam and steam table and transport. Chapter Five discusses steam purification; moisture removal and steam traps. The intent is to provide sufficient information and background for boilermakers to understand the layout of code-accepted boiler practices and integrate this information into their daily code work.

Boiler CE: Condensate Handling & Types of Traps
This course discusses Condensate Handling and Types of Traps concepts such as traps and configurations.

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